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Hi there um so today I'm going to be showing you a little trick with PayPal and net spin because net spends one of the better prepaid cards out there in my opinion it's the one that I use I've been using it for several years so I recommend that you sign up with them because it does make it much easier to sort of get around PayPal's if you catch my drift so anyhow I kind of discovered this last night I wasn't sure it would work but I was pretty sure and I was right so hopefully it's kind of complicated this whole like PayPal so hopefully somebody out there is able to sort of piece this together and make use of it so as you all know probably by now PayPal is now demanding a social security number when you sign up which makes it sort of inconvenient if you've been limited so I recommend in that case personally this is what I did was I just had my husband open an account you know in his name with his social security and then I mean he doesn't use PayPal so but I do so I've just simply been using the account that he set up with no problem so basically let's say though that you had been limited and that your NetSpend card was you know no longer good because it's linked to your limited account which was the case for me so the other night I I had some money that I wanted to change over from NetSpend into my paypal that I use now which is in my husband's name so what I did was I'm just gonna walk you through this real quick um you log into PayPal I'm not gonna make the screen hire because I don't want to show the name sigh anyway but above this fold here there's tabs when you log into PayPal and one of them says I'm sorry merchant services so we're gonna click on that right now okay so that should take you to this screen and then what we're gonna do we're gonna click create payment buttons for your website okay so click on create a button okay so by now is fine I mean you can make the item whatever you want I suppose um random purchase something okay so now however much money you want to move from not spent in to your new PayPal account which is by the way pretty easy to set up with a new Nessman card um if you have someone who can sign up for one in that you can trust and who you can use it and they don't mind so anyhow put the amount that you want to switch over we'll say a hundred bucks just for SMG is here okay and then pick this pick your email address which I'm not too worried about you saying anyhow we don't need to really enter


Is it common for Silicon Valley offers to require out of court dispute resolution?
Yes, arbitration clauses are extremely common in all types of contracts, inside and outside Silicon Valley, including employment agreements. If your company and its lawyers have decided on that, it's usually a losing battle trying to negotiate an exception to dispute resolution protocol on a case-by-case basis. Arbitrators are perceived to be employer-friendly, because arbitrators tend to stick closer to the law whereas juries can be swayed by lawyer tricks and appeals to emotion. Although arbitrators take their job seriously and try hard to be impartial there is a mild conflict of interest whereby employers who are paying the bills for repeat business and approving choices of arbitrators and arbitration bodies will only support arbitrators who do not unduly upset them. The results of arbitration are kept confidential and do not set precedent for future cases, which lessens the chance that a company's entire workforce will gang up rightly or wrongly to force the company to make concessions. Arbitration has a higher cost of entry, but is generally considered more streamlined and efficient over the entire lifecycle of the case — so it discourages frivolous filings but allows the company to go all the way rather than caving to avoid costs if the case passes that threshold.Some Silicon Valley arbitration clauses are unenforceable because they do not conform to recent-ish employment law rulings that require the company to front the filing fees for arbitration for both sides, and prohibit loser-pays attorney fee provisions. There is also an unfortunate omission from most arbitration provisions, that cases that are triable in small claims court should go there instead of arbitration because that is even more efficient.
How have disputes between dispute resolution organizations been resolved?
When you face such situations, you can hire dispute resolution firms to resolve disputes in an amicable way and serve your customers as early as possible. Here we have a blog 'How A Lawyer Can Help To Handle Disputes And Litigation'
Should I opt out of Alternative Dispute Resolution when signing paperwork with a startup?
IANAL, but from my research it looks like ADRs are promoted to companies as a way to avoid jury proceedings, which if judged in favor of the employee most likely end up benefiting the employee far more than any ADR proceeding. Here's an example I found: Why Try ADR?While reading my own ADR, there were four things that stuck out the most. The first was the fact that unless your state's law provides for arbitration costs to be paid by the company, you may be on the hook to share arbitration costs. I don't know how these compare to court costs, but my gut feeling says that they are likely to be greater since AFAIK most of the cost of supporting the US court system is paid by taxes and spread across all citizens. The second and most worrying issue is that ADRs have you opt out of trial by jury. Juries are 12 people that are statistically likely to be employees and not employers, which I can only imagine are more likely to rule in favor of the employee. The third was that you give up your right to file as a class or group. The fourth issue was that if you don't sign the ADR or opt-out within 30 days, that the default is your agreement to the ADR. I take this as a sign that the option that is in the best interest of the Company is choosing the ADR. This means that either the ADR is in the best interest of both parties or in the best interest of only the company. It also means that the ADR could not be interest of the employee. Personally, I don't see why you would sign one of these up front before a conflict arises because AFAICT there is no reason that you, as the employee, cannot suggest an ADR later on if and when a dispute arises and not have the employer agree to it. Signing the opt-out gives you a call option on an ADR.Whether or not you exercise this option later on (assuming I'm right that you can exercise this option), then the decision to do so depends on whether or not the issues raised by the other answerers are important to you. Do you want the proceeding to be quick and cheaper? Is the startup still small (seed or series A) and/or not yet profitable? Do you want the proceedings/discussions to remain confidential? Do you want to stay on good terms with the Company, it's officers and investors? If the answers to these questions are no or not important and if a trial by jury is in your best interest and you are likely to win, then you would opt to resolve the dispute via the courts.My biggest questions are: (1) Excluding whatever you think of him after watching The Social Network, had an ADR been an option at signing, would Eduardo Savarin have been better off with or without signing an ADR?(2) Would Naval Ravikant have been better or worse off had he signed an ADR? (personally, I don't know if founders even sign ADRs or not so I don't know if an ADR would even have been applicable in the Epinions lawsuit. It was a lawsuit by founders against the VCs and was filed as a class/group since 3 of the 5 founders sued the VCs after the sale. here's that filing if you are curious: http://venturebeat.files.wordpre... )
Can I dispute a speeding ticket if the cop forgot to fill out my address on the ticket?
You can, but a “clerical error” is not likely to change the outcome of the ticket.If there is a material error on the ticket, such as the wrong license plate, or the wrong make and model of the car, you can claim that it was not actually your car that was stopped, and you may have a claim to get the ticket tossed.But clerical errors are not cause to get the ticket thrown. You can try to dispute it, but don’t be surprised if the judge lectures you about “being a grown up” or some such similar lecture topic.
What types of forms can a person fill out to dispute a parking violation that he/she received?
It depends on the issuing authority. The appeals process is typically on the back of the citation. If you are going to write any of the following on the appeal…I didn’t knowI didn’t see the signI was lateI was only there for a little while or anything of that natureDon’t waste your time, short of there being no signs at all. You are going to pay the fine. So skip fighting it and just pay the fine.