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I want to create a web app that enables users to sign up/in, fill out a form, and then fax it to a fax machine. How to difficult is this to develop?
Are you sending yourself the fax or are they able to send the fax anywhere?  The latter has already been done numerous times.  There are email to fax and fax to email applications that have been available for decades.  I'm pretty certain that converting email to fax into app or form submission to fax is pretty trivial. They convert faxes to PDF's in many of these apps IIRC so anywhere you could view a PDF you could get a fax.
How do I send a fax to an international fax number?
Dial the exit code for the country, followed by the country code plus the local phone number minus the trunk code (digit).From the USA, the "International Access Code" or "exit code" is "011." You should use that in place of a + when you have an international FAX number.For example, the FAX number for BP global is listed as +44 (0)20 7496 4630. The "0" should be excluded, because that is just the "trunk digit" for calls inside the UK (the same way we dial "1" for "long distance" in the US).  What you would dial from a US FAX machine would be: 011 44 20 7496 4630or, if you were on a PBX with "Dial 9" access for an outside line, 9 011 44 20 7496 4630You can optionally end the number with a "#" to speed up the connection.If you only have a local number for the FAX, you can just add the "country code" and strip out the "trunk code." For example, the BBC FAX number is listed as 020 7323 6975, locally. The leading "0" is the trunk digit, so the international number would be:+44 (0)20 7323 6975and dialed from the US, it would be 011 44 20 7323 6875The "exit codes" vary by country: List of country codes and international exit codes
How do we generate virtual FAX numbers to create a Free FAX App similiar to
How It WorksSee this link. Pretty much explains everything.You need to sign up for their services & they give you a number to which any telephone in the world can connect by fax.But the above does not seem to be the answer you are looking for.So, if you are thinking of setting up such a server by yourself, it is not worthwhile as it requires a lot of coding and programming. And you may need a license from the Telecom Regulatory Authority in order to route calls to the number you are trying to get your faxes through. Then it will require you to ultimately setup a telephone exchange (at a micro level maybe) which will be connect to your local telecom operator that will accept calls that are being routed to the server receiving faxes.In short, in the background this service is indeed connected to the telecom provider virtually / physically.Hope it answers that.Ravi.
How can I send a free fax to a Canadian fax number?
Hello!I use a very easy to use, intuitive, very cheap, fast and reliable online faxing service at Receive fax to emailIf you’d like to send a fax for free, you can sign up for a fax to email number which is free for 7 days.This service will let you receive unlimited fax through your email as attachment and send 90 free faxes per month. It only costs €9.00 per month and includes a €9.00 pay as you go credit per month that allow's you to send up to 90 FREE faxes per month. There is a 20% discount if you buy it annually.To avail the free trial, please click this link Receive Fax to Email -7 day Free Trial so you can send your fax to Canada very quickly and with ease!If you’d like to send faxes from your iPhone, please click here: Fax app - Send Fax for iPhone on the App StoreIf you have an android device and would like to send from there, please click here: Fax app - Send fax from phone - Apps on Google PlayHope this helps and happy faxing!
What is an example of a fax number? How can you tell if a phone number is connected to a fax?
A fax number has a very specific set of tones that it uses to negotiate with the far-end fax machine. It sounds similar to a modem, but the trained ear can differentiate between the two. The internet is fast making all modem and fax communications obsolete, but you can find fax numbers on the web sites of local businesses and government agencies. Youtube also has a nice example of a fax answer: The first tone you hear is actually a ring tone, not from the US but possibly a European or Asian ring tone. The chirping tones are the tell-tale fax negotiation tones.